What It Does

Curve Perfect totally modifies & enhances the lower part of the body; It slims the hips, reduces the circumference of the upper thigh, & gives the butt a literal push-up effect.

lifting & shaping the butt

reducing & shaping the thigh

why ?

It’s Discrete & comfortable

Using cutting edge Fabric Technologies that boast supreme recovery & unparalleled comfort, Curve Perfect is able to correct & refine the body while being 100% discrete.
its innovative design allows the technology to move effortlessly with the body while providing consistent support & sculpting embrace without any discomfort.

the perfect foundation for the fit revolution

Curve Perfect works in any stretch pant or short and can enhance garments without depending on costly performance fabrics.
Unlike New innovations in performance based fabrics, Curve perfect delivers noticeable fit enhancements on all body types & sizes.

Production Friendly

the shaping structure can be sewn into the pant at the end of the production cycle, making it extremely production friendly & cost effective.

It Corrects, It improves, It Refines.


Who We Are

Alessandra Carrer
technical director

Giacomo Conte
president & ceo

Michela Moresco
creative director

form iq is an Italian American brand that was established by
the collaboration of talent & passion of its three founders:

Michela Moresco, A Public Relations & Marketing Executive from the treviso area in venice, Italy

Alessandra Carrer, Alessandra Carrer, A Womens Wear Designer from the treviso area in venice, Italy

Giacomo Conte, Business entrepreneur From Columbus, Ohio USA

the genesis of

Curve Perfect began as single flash of an idea in Michaela Moresco’s head during a business trip in NY. She was working on a new project for a Fashion & Wellness design firm, and was interviewing “ordinary” women about their fashion appetites & fitness regimes. It occurred to her, after meeting and i nterviewing hundreds of women, there was a common thread amongst this varied demographic, and a unanimous answer to one question in particular. All women she had met had insecurities about their bodies, and most were dedicated to areas below their waistline. The question: “what is missing from your wardrobe?” The answer: “a comfortable jean that compliments my figure.”

Her idea was ambitious. What if there was a jean or pant that could maintain a supreme comfort but somehow sculpt the body? It would need to highlight a woman’s femininity, her natural curves, but refine the “flaws”. This design could not sacrifice comfort or compromise shape. Was there something like this in the market that hundreds of women all over the globe just could not find? Substantial retail investigating told her that there was no such hidden secret or magical jean that answered these women’s plight. Sure there were vast numbers of jeans boasting fabric innovations, clever tailoring, and super soft yarns, but they simply did not work for all women, all body types, or all sizes. To solve this equation, all of these variables would need to be addressed. She would also need a skilled garment maker who could understand the challenges her idea posed, and ready the solutions that would make it work.

Michaela knew one person that could not only bring skill and expertise to this endeavor, but a dear friend who also shared Michi’s palpable excitement for smart & beautiful design that betters the confidence of its owner. Alessandra Carrer, an established & accomplished designer and creative/pattern maker with over
20 years of experience, answered her friend’s call and would bring a focused fit sensitivity to the project. As with any bold idea or concept, the journey to success is a long and storied one. There were many many trials, roadblocks, and impossibilities, but their passion for the project and their confidence in the design idea would not let them be deterred. While not perfect, each prototype would exceed their initial expectations and be an improvement over the last. Roughly 20 trials would be designed, constructed and tested before Michi’s initial flash of an idea would become a reality. Together they had created a technology that could turn a jean into a girl’s best friend. This jean answers the call many woman have made; to have a jean that corrects, improves, refines, and above all is simply comfortable.

It is often said that having someone believe in you can make all the difference in the world. And a believer is what Michi & Ale found in their serendipitous chance meeting with business man Giacomo “Jack” Conte. Jack, with a long career in construction, knew next to nothing about apparel design, and even less about women’s jeans, but he did have two daughters that did. Their glowing faces and the confidence in their step was all he needed to believe that this innovation was a game changer, that this concept could transform every woman’s insecurities about their bodies into a blushing confidence.

Belief is contagious. Proof is absolute. We are FORM IQ.

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